Parent Workshops for Schools and Nurseries 

Would you like to help build and support positive relationships for children and parents in your setting?

Working in partnership with parents is crucial to develop positive relationships and a healthy attitude to learning at home and school. Research shows that if parents are supported in their role and are proactive in supporting their child's learning then children will achieve more. If parents feel confident and happy then relationships will flourish creating a sense of well being for parents and children. 

Sarahjane Gillies is a parent and experienced early years teacher. She uses her knowledge and experience of parenting and teaching to support, nurture and educate parents. Sarahjane presents parents with everyday situations and problems that they may encounter. She teaches a range of behavioral strategies to help build positive relationships, with a tool box of techniques for parents to use to strengthen their own skills and improve their confidence in managing children's behaviour. With a focus upon prevention rather than cure there is a clear focus on praise and encouragement and how parents can reinforce positive behaviour and invest quality time into their relationships. 

Providing workshops in a familiar place such as a school or nursery encourages parents to access important advice and guidance that will improve their relationship with their children and in turn benefit their child's education. 

Within the workshops parents are able to build relationships, share experiences and advice. Parents are also given the chance to talk and ask questions about parenting, behaviour and educational issues. The workshops are given by Sarahjane Gillies, a professional early years teacher who has current experience and extensive knowledge in working with children and parents.In addition she also shares and understands the same ethos as educational settings.

'Family learning can also provide a range of benefits for parents and children including improvements in reading, writing and numeracy as well as greater parental confidence in helping their child at home.' 
The Impact of Parental Involvement on Children’s Education, DCSF, 2008

Workshops are aimed for groups of  parents, with the size of group varying from 3 to 30 depending upon the topic. We are able to offer the following workshops for educational settings and will happily tailor workshop topics to meet the need of parents and settings.

- Positive Parenting  (3 x 1.5 hour sessions)
- Parents as Partners in supporting positive behaviour and learning  (1 x 2hr    session)
- Bringing up brilliant boys (1.5 hours)
- Raising confident and independent thinkers (1.5 hours)

Workshops can be booked at a convenient time for your parents, evenings or coordinated to start/end at pick up and drop off times. 

Recent feedback from a parenting workshop:

-Very beneficial, interesting, will change/improve my parenting habits.

-Really useful - I will definitely use some of the strategies you've talked about - thank you! 

-Some good strategies and a good opportunity to share some practical tips and share experiences.

-Great top tips- thank you very much!

-Some great tips, really useful, thanks

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