Patience, positivity and persistence with the under three's!  (or understanding and getting the best from your toddler)
The toddler years can be the most rewarding yet frustrating for both parent and child. This workshop offers parents and carers the opportunity to get inside the mind of a toddler and understand why they behave in the ways that they do and what you can do about it. 
This workshop offers parents and carers:

- Explanations in to why toddlers behave the way they do
- Strategies and tools to manage specific behaviours
- Guidance on  levels of development and what to expect next
- How to support your children's learning 
- Suggested activities and games for this age group 
-The opportunity to ask  a professional specific questions about your children 

Bringing up Boys
Whilst there should be no real distinction between bring up boys to girls there are some physical and behavioural differences that every mother should know. At this workshop we give parents an insight into the world of boys and how to support, nurture and meet their needs to ensure their sons grow into confident, contented men. This workshop is aimed at parents and carers of boys up to the age of 11 and offers: 

- The opportunity to extend knowledge in the differences between boys and girls 
- How to support boys in their development and learning to ensure they meet their potential
- The opportunity to discuss common problems associated with boys and have professional feedback
- Suggestions for activities and resources that will support boys in their learning 

Providing the Foundations for Positive Relationships and Behaviour

This workshop is conducted over three sessions (1.5 hrs each) and will include positive behaviour management techniques and practical tips upon how to set the foundations for behaviour. This age and stage can be a particularly frustrating time for both adults and children. We will explain how to manage and support children at this stage, what to expect and how to get the best from your children. We will also look at parenting styles and how we can ensure that we are enabling our children to become confident, happy individuals. The workshop is planned in small groups (no more than 12) to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and get the most from the session. 

Fantastic Phonics and Ready Readers

Language is key to many doors! This workshop is aimed at parents that would like to ensure that their children are successful readers. It will give you the tools and understanding to best support your children's learning and to ensure they are they achieve to a high standard. Excellent reading skills are essential in setting the foundations for future learning. This workshop will explain what to expect at each age and stage as well as how you can support and encourage excellent reading skills. We will also look at possible barriers to language and how to identify possible special needs.This workshop will provide:
-An understanding and insight into how children learn to read and how to make learning to read a positive experience
- Definitions and explanations for the current research and techniques used in schools
-The opportunity to extend your knowledge in developmental milestones in language and literacy 
-Age appropriate activities for you to do with your children and suggested books
-An understanding of how a range of reading strategies support successful reading
-How to support and identify problems in language and literacy development 

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